How do you know if it’s a scam?

Every day we hear more and more stories in the news about scam Timeshare calls and ever more elaborate schemes that will get you out of your timeshare ownership, and promise a tidy profit at the end. The most recent bought to our attention saw a client receive a call, allegedly from an office associated with the High Court in […]

TRC in Europe

If you are stuck with an unwanted Timeshare or believe you have been sold a timeshare that does not comply with the laws and legislations what can you do?  TRC has grown over the last three years to become one of the most trusted reclaim companies in Spain, fighting for your rights, and securing hundreds of clients a way out. […]

A Retired couple from Narvik are awarded 130,000 euros from timeshare company in Gran Canaria

A Retired couple from Narvik are awarded 130,000 euros from timeshare company in Gran Canaria By Hugo Ryvik <hugo.ryvik@canariajournalen.no> On April 9, a retired couple from Narvik received the gratifying message that they are awarded about 130,000 euros after suing the timeshare company Holiday Club in Gran Canaria. Pensioners from Narvik awarded 130,000 euros in compensation from timeshare companies in […]

Can you reclaim against Inherited Timeshare?

Reclaim against Inherited Timeshare Timeshare inheritance clauses, conditions and laws seem almost as confusing as the details and understanding of owning and using one. So what do you do if you find yourself the benefactor of an unwanted timeshare? In short, Take legal advice as soon as you can!   It appears to be a minefield of legal loopholes, dependant on […]

Timeshare customers who want to sell are lured to give away apartments and buy new ones

Understanding your Contracts A few weeks ago we posted a link to the Canaria Journalen who interviewed Mr & Mrs Karlsson about their recent experiences at Holiday Club Canarias. We have been asked for the article in English, and although this is not an official translation, we hope you will find the information useful and help you to make an informed decision if you […]

Timeshare reclaim in Action!

We have helped many customers – like YOU,  trapped in timeshare. But don’t just take our word for it,  we  recently represented our client Simon.  Reclaiming his Timeshare weeks in Club Playa Amadores  had seemed like a daunting task.  Simon first purchased his Timeshare in 2007 but his contract contained incorrect details regarding the perpetuity clause. With the Timeshare Reclaim […]