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Timeshare companies in Gran Canaria must pay back Norwegian and Swedish customers

Timeshare companies in Gran Canaria must pay back Norwegian and Swedish customers

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Several new rulings in favour of Norwegian and Swedish clients against timeshare companies in Gran Canaria have been announced in recent weeks.  A lady from Drammen has been awarded approximately 200,000 euros. The Canary Journal has been given access to the judgment of the Drammen Lady who says that the contracts she has with Vista Amadores / Puerto Calma (now Holiday Club) in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria are invalid because they are not limited to time. The law states that the contracts will last for 3-50 years.  The woman signed her timeshare contracts in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. The verdict was issued in October this year.

Fredrikstad couple won against Holiday Club

Monica and Øivind Olavesen from Fredrikstad now also know their timeshare contracts with Holiday Club are invalid at the first court in Gran Canaria, on the same basis as the previous couple, in September. The couple will receive almost 30,000 euros plus legal costs for contracts entered into in 2013 and 2014. The verdict was issued in September. “We are pleased with the verdict,” says Monica Olavesen to the Canary Journal. She tells us that they were in court themselves and that they have been well informed throughout the process by the law firm leading the case, Timeshare Reclaim & Consulting (TRC).

Should last forever and inherit.

The married couple chose to take legal action  after being in touch with the law firm. “We talked a little about the fact that we wanted out of timeshare. We were told that our contract was not valid. Initially, we thought we had bought a share that would last forever and our children would inherit, “says Olavesen. Like the lady from Drammen, and many other timeshare customers, Olavesen had a contract that was not time-limited, which is in violation of the law. “We were not in doubt and it turned out to be untrue that the contact was forever. Then we decided to go to trial via TRC, “said Monica Olavesen.  She also has no doubt that she would recommend others who are in the same situation to seek legal action to get out of timeshare contracts.

Swedish clients win at Anfi

The Canary Journal has also gained insight into several other fresh rulings from the first court of justice: A man from Sweden, together with his former wife, was awarded almost 42,000 euros plus costs from Anfi del Mar in Arguineguín, Gran Canaria.   Another Swedish Anfi customer was announced in October and was awarded over 56,000 euros plus costs.

More fresh rulings against timeshare companies

In all cases mentioned in this article, it is the law firm TRC in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria that has presented the case. The TRC also informs us that they have received several other rulings in favour of their clients recently in similar timeshare cases: Among others, a Dutch Anfi customer has been awarded more than € 115,000 plus costs, and a German Anfi customer has been awarded almost € 50,000 plus costs.

Both of these sentences came in October. There are also some English timeshare customers who have recently won the court, according to Hanne Haavaldsen from TRC. These fresh judgments are part of a wide range of timeshare rulings on the same basis (non-time-limited contracts) since the Norwegian lady, Tove Grimsbo, won against Anfi in the Supreme Court of Madrid in 2015, a verdict that has formed the precedent. Clients who made their claim in 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have begun to receive their money, says Haavaldsen.   – Most of the sentences are appealed by the Timeshare companies, we are then given to the opportunity to answer that appeal, and we do this with all the cases, she says to the Canary Journal.

The Canary Islands Journal has requested replies and comments from both Holiday Club and Anfi, but has not received any response.


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